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  • Tom Browne RI (1870-1910), Dancer Riding a Bike and a Confused Pierrot, water colour on paper. Signed and dated, with provinence stated on verso. 


    Tom Browne (1870-1910)  was apprenticed to a lithographic printer and eked out a living with freelance cartoons for London comic papers such as Comic Cuts. Browne's comic strips soon became so popular that he moved to London where he turned out six full-page strips a week, but also managed to produce illustrations for several British magazines. His cartoons appeared in Punch, The Tatler and other highly rated periodicals of the day. The logo of Johnnie Walker whiskey, the strutting, monocled character, was created by Browne in 1908. He also created the comic strip 'Weary Willy and Tired Tim', inspired by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, which appeared on the front page of Illustrated Chips from 1896 to 1953. 


    This gorgeous work was originally presented to a Mr. J Walker, Raleigh Sales Manager in 1897 upon his retirement. Raleigh is today considered one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world having been founded in 1887, only a few decades after the bicycles invention. 

    Tom Browne RI (1870-1910), Dancer Riding a Bike and a Confused Pierrot

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