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Katya has worked as an Interior Designer for over 25 years, and has dedicated her career to maintaining and forging vital industry contacts from Fabric Houses to specialist restorers. 

Her natural flair for decoration is underscored with a meticulous approach to all elements of the interior design process. Katya gently guides clients through the creative process, accomplishing their requirements with reassurance and thoughtful attention to detail, and manages the entire process from sourcing to installation. No project is too small or too large. All are treated with the same care and attention.

EA to the Founder  

Lucy has known Katya for many years and is thrilled to now be working with her in a professional capacity.

Lucy graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art with a BA and later an MA in History of Art, specialising in turn of the century European Modern and Post-Modernism. After working in museums and galleries over the past few years she is now looking to move more into the world of Interiors and is retraining to be a Traditional Upholsterer ! Her background in Art History has been invaluable in this new direction and she excited to keep learning.

Chief Advisor 

AJ’s love of antiques and interiors has been a lifelong affair, which started during her time running the Beetle and Wedge Hotel, near Moulsford. Whilst designing the hotel she soon realised she had a keen eye and good judgement when it came to sourcing beautiful furniture and objects and poured her tastes into every nook of the business. However, it wasn’t until many years later in the 1990s that she fell into dealing. This next phase of her life began when she found herself living in France and friends and family began asking her to bring French furniture back when she would come home to visit. From there she began doing up houses and once again found herself falling hard and fast for all things antiques.

While AJ claims to have only dabbled in antiques across her career alongside other projects, her wealth of knowledge is vital here at Eves and Samuel, and we couldn’t be without her (and that’s not just because of her incredible cooking!) Her passion is for Oriental porcelain and pottery, and French furniture and tableware.


French Polisher & Antiques Restorer

Kevin is our incredible French Polisher and Restorer. Born and bred around Marlborough, Wiltshire, he started his career as a furniture sprayer after leaving school, before going on to train as a carpenter, which is how he came to know Katya. After many years in this field he found himself moving closer and closer to antiques and fell in love with restoration and French Polishing a decade or so ago, a passion he fills with dedication and pride for us today. We couldn't do what we do without him.

French Polishing is a highly skilled finishing process for wood that leaves a very high gloss surface with a deep colour and reflective properties. It became prominent in the Victorian era and was commonly used on mahogany and other expensive timbers. It involves applying numerous thin layers of shellac using a rubbing pad lubricated with oils. The final finish is recognised as the most stunning way to finish highly figured wood. 

Professional Upholsterer 

Bob has been a professional upholsterer all his life, having trained as an apprentice for six years after leaving school at 15 in Wendover, near Oxford. He has been working primarily with Interior Designers and high-end clients since starting his own business in 1978 and has been working with Katya for well over twenty years. Nothing is ever to much for Bob, and there is no one we could ever trust with the beautiful treasures we find like we trust him. His attention to detail and his eye for colour is unparalleled, and this incredible talent and dedication to the craft can be seen in every piece he produces, many examples of which can be seen on our website today. There is no one period he favours in his work but has a personal taste for all things Art Deco.
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