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  • Arthur Henry Enock Exb. 1882 - 1912.

    A landscape artist originally from Glamorganshire, later living in Birmingham 1882, Dartmouth in 1889, Torquay in 1892, and Newton Abbot in 1900. A self taught artist who began his career working for a Brazilian merchant in Birmingham. There he studied the Coxes, and during his holidays he sketched at Bettws-Y-Coed and around Snowdon. He exhibited at Birmingham from 1869 to 1910 as well as in London. In about 1890 he turned to art as a profession and moved to Devon, where he was known as 'The Artist of the Dart'. He painted in both oil and watercolour, the latter particularly later in life. He was noted for his handling of mist and sunlight.

    Arthur H Enock, Watercolour of a Sunset

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