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  • After G. Stubbs, "Phaeton Driving the Chariot of the Sun", 41 x 54cm. Phaethon can be seen trying to guide the four horses which whirl the fiery-axled chariot across the sky, while a thunderbolt descends to strike him.


    Work is framed and glazed. Labelled in the mount, 'This Drawing is by the late Lieut. General Poole when 16 years of age and for which a prize was awarded in 1796. It is said to have been exhibited at Somerset House by his drawing master'.


    Monochrome watercolour after a print by B. Green, in turn after an original oil painting by George Stubbs. In 1762 George Stubbs exhibited a history painting of 'Phaeton attempting to drive the Horses of the Sun' at the Society of Artists (now at Saltram, National Trust) showing Phaeton leaning back, almost horizontal, pulling roan-coloured horses and with one bolt of lightning in the sky. Two years later in 1764 he exhibited another version with white horses and Phaeton more upright, which was engraved as a mezzotint by Benjamin Green (B. Green) and published in March 1770. The print was published in order to advertise Stubb's work. The original oil of 1764 is lost.

    Condition : Very Good
    Materials : Paper, Watercolour
    Origin : English
    Manufacture Date : c1800

    After G. Stubbs, "Phaeton Driving the Chairot of the Sun"

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