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  • A pair of amber pressed glass baskets, possibly Victorian with stylised bamboo-style handles by glassmaker Henry Greener.



    Each basket: 15 x 17 cm


    In 1858 Henry Greener and James Angus started glass-making at the Wear Flint Glass Works in Sunderland, North East England. The company was known as Angus and Greener until Angus died in 1869, when the name was changed to Greener. In the second half of the nineteenth century this was one of the major English glassworks, and they made a wide range of tableware, novelties, and household glassware. It can be identified by its registration marks and, from 1875 onwards, by the Greener trade marks.


    Ref: 1172


    A Pair of Amber Glass Baskets with Stylised Bark Handles

    SKU: 1172
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