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  • Walter Dusatti Oil on Canvas of A Balcony with flowers - signed. c1960

    Walter Dusatti was born in Turriaco (Friuli), Italy, on September 18, 1930. Although Trieste is his artistic home, he now lives in Italy in a cottage near Gorizia, the capital of the province of the same name

    Gorizia has belonged to Italy since 1919. Before then, Gorizia was the territory of the Tyrolean Counts of Görz and a possession of the Austrian Hapsburg empire. This cultural background, the historic landscape of his home-country, and the feelings they have engendered in the life of Dusatti have all had a profound effect upon his art.

    Dusatti became a member of the Trieste art circle at a young age and finished his studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venezia. He became a professor of painting and history of art; but since 1980 he has devoted himself exclusively to painting, with a prime theme of still-life. Dusatti is a successful artist and a modest man who prefers an absolute order in his studio. Old-fashioned, and therefore so highly demanded, Dusatti knows that many people want such soothing paintings in their modern homes. However, this demand is not the only motive for his kind of painting in soft colours and fine effects of light and shades, he idolizes the atmosphere of these subjects and the subtle mastery of his "nostalgic realism." Dusatti's second theme is the landscape. Contrasting with the static harmony of his still-lifes, his landscapes are dominated by an elegiac impressionism, a melancholic poesy. He paints of rain, snow, fog, trains conveying parting, and old-fashioned cars leaving for somewhere unknown. He shows people, alone or in couples, all of whom seem to go off into the landscape or into the perspective of a road. Dusatti is truly a charming man of great versatility.

    Condition : Very Good
    Materials : Oil Painting on Canvas
    Origin : Welsh
    Manufacture Date : c.1960

    Walter Dusatti - Oil on Canvas - Balcony with Flowers

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