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  • Edgar van Drielst (1745-1818), an early C19th Bucolic Landscape, oil on panel, unsigned, 42 cm x 54 cm.


    A highly regarded and prolific artist Egbert van Drielst worked in the heyday of large-scale wall paintings, ‘behangsels’ in Dutch, when the bourgeoisie favoured decorating their canal houses and manors with Dutch and Italianated landscapes. Van Drielst studied with Jan Augustini (1725-1773) in Haarlem, and is documented in 1765 as apprentice with Hendrick Meijer (1744-1793) in Amsterdam and subsequently in 1768 with Jan Smeijers (1714-1813). 

    This glorious landscape is painted with great attention to detail, using motives from earlier drawings of his much-loved landscape of Drenthe, a region in the northeast of the Netherlands still known today for its dense forests.


    Edgar van Drielst, an early C19th Bucolic Landscape

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