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  • Pair of pot-bellied vases in Chinese porcelain from Nanjing, ( 'Nanjing/Nanking vases') with beige crackled background and polychrome enamel decoration. Each vase presents a revolving decoration of a battle scene. Many colorfully dressed Asian warriors are painted, surrounded by a stylized landscape.  Testimony and homage to the traditions of ancient China, these vases tell a story from Chinese folklore.

    Crowned with a collar, the neck of the vases is decorated with Fô dogs on each side. The top of the belly features fantastic animals resembling lizards or serpents.

    Signed below, these vases from Nanjing are rich in decoration and ornamentation, dear to Chinese artists of the Qing dynasty.


    H: 46 cm

    C19th Chinese Nanking Vases

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