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    A Good Sized Heriz Rug 338 x 268 cm

    A Good Sized Heriz Rug 338 x 268 cm

    Code: 11921

    Dimensions:W: 338cm (133.1")D: 268cm (105.5")
    Approx $3612.79, €3376.55
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    A good sized Heriz Rug 338 x 268 cm Mid Century.

    The town of Heriz is approximately 40 miles east of the city of Tabriz in north-western Persia. Carpets have been woven in and around the town of Heriz since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

    Given its geographical proximity to Tabriz (a historically important centre of Persian rug and carpet production) this has probably encouraged the manufacture in the Heriz area.

    Heriz rugs are characteristically geometric in design, usually with a distinctive rectilinear medallion that reaches almost to the borders of the carpet. Reds and browns are the traditional primary colours, with secondary colours typically blue, yellows and creams.

    These carpets are amongst the heaviest and most durable Persian carpets that are produced. The weave is unique to Heriz. It is chunky and robust. Heriz carpets are woven using a double-weft construction (i.e. two wefts between each row of knots), and employing the Turkish (or symmetrical) knot. The pile formed is substantial, and the wool used is of a particularly durable quality. The warps and wefts are distinctively thick and made of cotton. 


    A Good Sized Heriz Rug 338 X 268 Cm

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