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  • A Fabulous Set of Prints by Raphael Kirchner published in 1918 - A Feather in the Cap, Through The Heart, Cupids Captive, Melisande, The Little Sister, Rosalalba, The Scout, Harlequinade, Ma Marraine, A Ducks Egg, Hatched.

    A Set of Six individual prints size with frame : 37 x 29 cm, Two Prints one frame 67 x 29 cm, Three Prints one frame 68 x 37 cm . More Pictures available any mark pictures is because of camera all in A1 condition and colour

    Raphael Kirchner (1876 – 2 August 1917) was an Austrian artist, principally a portrait painter and illustrator best known for Art Nouveau and early pin-up work, especially in picture postcard format. His work served as an early inspiration to Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas, who had a career in the United States for the film and men's magazine industry.

    Kirchner was born in 1876 in Vienna, Austria, and attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He moved to Paris in the year 1900, making illustrations for such magazines as La Vie Parisienne.

    In 1914, at the outbreak of World War I, Kirchner moved to the United States. He lived in New York City until his death in 1917.

    Condition : Excellent
    Materials : Paper
    Origin : French
    Manufacture Date : 1918

    A Fabulous Set of Framed Prints by Raphael Kirchner 1918

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